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RS Games recs!

Probably the last of the bunch, sorry folks but this month my other fest deadlines and the like are happening.

Flesh Memories M The imprints of their bodies and fingerprints are left forever on one another like flesh memory. Team Remus.

I love the intimacy of both these pieces, one set when the boys were younger and the other set sometime in the books. The texture the artist used for their scars look almost 3D, as if you could reach out and feel them. There's also the suggestion of aged murals, although I'm not sure if that was intentional or not.

the time you were mine T The walk from Grimmauld Place to Parliament Hill is just under an hour, but it’s easier going at four in the morning. Team Sirius.

This fic took my breath away and made me feel new-found respect for fics with groupchats. I love modern AUs where the characters are allowed to use and have fun with technology and this fic didn't disappoint. (Despite groupchat fics having a bad rep in fandom nowadays, forget about that. This is nothing like that.) Spanning just an hour with various flashbacks and an almost frenetic exchange via chat and calls, this fic is hella tight. It would have made Aristotle weep in happiness. Kudos also to themes of change and how scary it is when you're young and at the cusp of adulthood.

The Importance of Being Sirius PG. Remus Lupin, a simple Literature teacher has to deal with Sirius Black, a History teacher with an unorthodox (and noisy) teaching style. Team Sirius.

One of my favourite movies of all time (I've never seen the play but I do have the script) is History Boys and part of that has to do with the witty dialogue but also because it was a paean to teaching/learning. This fic hits both of those buttons for me: the banter is A+ (in case the pun in the title hasn't clued you in already) and the boys teaching kids in a way that makes them actually pay attention and (in the more exciting cases of shouting and noise) actually want to join in. This one also has Remus and Sirius exchanging notes and texts and you now see there's a pattern in the stuff I like.

I hope everyone had a happy hallowe'en!

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